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Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


How Long Does Probate Take in San Diego?

How long does Probate take in San Diego? is one of the first questions we hear from clients wondering about the Probate process in San Diego. When family members find themselves faced with the Probate process, they want to know how long Probate will take, among other common questions.

Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


What Is The Difference Between A Will And A Trust?
A California Will: A will is a legal document in which the person creating the will, known as the testator, sets forth persons or an entity to inherit their estate at the time they pass. An estate includes all assets owned by the testator at the time of death, such…

Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


Avoiding Probate In California
What is Probate? When someone passes away, many times family and friends are left determining how to manage and distribute the person’s remaining assets, otherwise known as their estate. Depending on the size of the estate and the title in which assets are held, it is often necessary to open…

Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


What Happens If I Die Without A Will In California?
What does it mean to die “intestate” in California? What happens when someone passes away without a will in California? A person who passes away without first establishing a valid will is said to die “intestate.” When one dies without a valid will, a person’s estate is passed to their heirs…

Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


What Happens to My Trust if I Move Away from California?
When relocating to a new state, the question is often asked: What happens to my trust if I move? Do I need to have my trust redone if I relocate to another state? A trust is a legal entity created primarily for establishing a distribution plan…

Post by : Christine Padilla, Attorney


What Estate Planning Documents Do I Need?
Estate Planning Documents Everyone Should Consider: There are some who are under the misconception that estate planning is only for the “rich.” In reality, estate planning is for anyone who cares about the distribution of their assets (whether big or small), and in reducing undue confusion and stress for their…
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