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All too often, I’ve heard clients express their desire to prepare estate planning documents, which, for one reason or another, was never made a priority. One client voices their uncertainty of what estate planning involves; another questions which estate planning documents are truly necessary.

At the Law Office of Christine Padilla, we recognize that estate planning may appear complex. Likewise, facing trust administration and probate can seem monumental and exhausting. It is our goal to guide our clients through these processes, while providing clients with clarity and confidence in their decisions.

A personalized estate plan may involve a will, a trust, or appointment of financial powers of attorney. It may involve re-titling assets, or nominating guardians for minor children. A properly prepared estate plan can provide great peace of mind that a plan is in place which is both sound and current. Importantly, a plan is in place which will genuinely work, at the time you and your family need it the most.

At the Law Office of Christine Padilla, we believe an estate plan is one of the most necessary and considerate things you can do for yourself and your family. We are available to review, discuss, and update your estate plan as needed. We welcome you to contact our office for a free consultation to discuss your estate plan today. –Christine Padilla, Owner and Attorney at Law

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Estate planning is the process of creating a plan in advance for what happens to your "estate," or everything you legally own, in the event you become ill or die. The process typically begins with one preparing a will or trust to provide direction for what will happen to their estate.

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